Our Focus

In 2000, Premier Lipoceutics’ president, David A. Carlson (then at Neogen) was among the first to develop and offer R-Lipoic Acid (RLA or RALA) to the nutritional supplement market. 

In 2003, he co-founded Geronova Research, Inc. "The Lipoic Acid Company" and headed research and product development there for 16 years. David pioneered shelf stable, water soluble, and highly bioavailable NaRLA, growing that market from grams to metric tons -- making Geronova the go to source of NaRLA for US nutritional companies. 

David came out of retirement in 2022 due to a high demand for his unique products.  In addition to doing plasma analysis of RLA/R-DHLA and metabolites he is creating product formulations and products for Geronova and others.  Among the unique products currently available are PBN, K-RALA; "K-10"; K-RS-LA-20%, and R-DHLA.  Premier Lipoceutics' featured product: R-DHLA, is American made according to a unique proprietary, water process to insure no residual organic solvents remain in the product.  At Premier Lipoceutics, we are currently developing and testing stable, bioavailable dosage forms of R-DHLA. 

Our Development

Our foremost commitment revolves around delivering exceptional customer service and maintaining competitive prices, all while investing in cutting-edge equipment to guarantee the utmost quality of our products. Through rigorous quality control measures, we uphold the highest standards, offering our customers access to only the purest and most consistently reliable products in the market. Your satisfaction and well-being remain our topmost priorities, as we continue to strive for excellence in everything we do.

Our Quality

Premier Lipoceutics stands as a distinguished authority in the realm of Lipoic Acid, forging partnerships with prominent nutraceutical, chemical, cosmetic, and product development enterprises. As the ultimate go-to source for all matters concerning this vital component, we offer unparalleled expertise. Delve deeper into our cutting-edge research endeavors by exploring our dedicated Research Page. Discover the transformative potential of Lipoic Acid with us today.